About Explore Taoyuan

Northern Cross-Island Highway in Taoyuan has the rich tourist resources of mountains, waters, landscapes, and cultures. With the growing trend of outdoor travel, the unique features of Northern Cross-Island Highway can develop into the various theme tours, such as mountain hiking, eco farm tour, tribal experience, cultural visit, secret land, outdoor shooting, highway tour, extreme sports, etc. By building the tourist brand “Explore Taoyuan,” the Department of Tourism of Taoyuan City Government introduces the concept of “tourist components” and invites you to explore the mountains!



Besides adopting the image of the Chinese character “Bei (Northern),” the LOGO also combines the images of the mountain ridge, trail, and sun, followed by the daily greetings of the Atayal tribe living in the area of Northern Cross-Island Highway, “HATA RGYAX LO!!” It means “Let’s go to the mountains!” Welcome everyone to go to the mountains and make explorations!



The key visual features the “landscape and ecology” and “indigenous culture” of Northern Cross-Island Highway in Taoyuan, including high mountains, waters, suspension bridges, trails, and the Atayal culture. The colors “green, blue, brown, and red” respectively represents “mountain, water, land, and culture” intertwined together.


GREEN: mountain (high mountains, forests, rift valleys), magnificent views, treasure trove of natural fauna and flora

BLUE: water (rivers, waterfalls, reservoirs), ethnic life and industrial development

BROWN: land (trails, suspension bridges, tunnels, highways), transportation, outdoor visits

RED: culture (color of the Atayal totem, road to Rainbow Bridge)



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